African American Warriors

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Medal of Honor

The American Revolution

Civil War

Buffalo Soldiers

Tuskegee Airman

Dorie Miller

General Benjamin O. Davis Sr.

Montford Point Marines

Charity Adams

The 24th Infantry in Korea


Books by Michael Lee Lanning

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Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor is the highest Medal of Honor Awarded by the Government of the United States of America. Recently, President Clinton belatedly awarded the medal to a number of black WW2 vets.

The nominees are: 1st Lt. Vernon J. Baker, 76, of St. Maries, Idaho, the only one of the seven men still alive; 1st Lt. John R. Fox of Boston; 1st Lt. Charles L. Thomas of Detroit; Pvt. George Watson of Birmingham, Ala.; Staff Sgt. Edward A. Carter Jr. of Los Angeles; Pfc. Willy F. James Jr. of Kansas City, Kan.; and Staff Sgt. Ruben Rivers of Tecumseh, Okla. Here are some links related to the medal, these and other black recipients.

Sargeant William Carney

Short Biography

Protrayal on Film

Museum of Afro-American history - Boston

National archives and records administration - Medal of honor recipient

National archives and records administration - Blacks in the civil war

Lt. John R. Fox

The 366th Infantry Regiment and Lt. John R. Fox

James Anderson Jr.


Other Articles

7 Black Soldiers from WWII Tapped to Receive CMH

Vernon Baker

Online NewsHour: Medals of Honor for Black Soldiers

"Lasting Valor" the story of 1st Lt. Vernon Baker, the only living Black World War II veteran to earn The Medal of Honor

By Vernon J. Baker and Ken Olsen
ISBN 1-885478-30-5

Table of Contents

The American Revolution

Four African-Americans who fought in the revolutionary war
Black Patriots | Emerging from the shadows | James Forten
Battle of Bunker Hill

Crispus Attucks

Stamp Recommendation
Seacoast NH - NHs Colored Patriots


New Hampshire's "Colored Patriots" Of The Revolution

Table of Contents

Civil War

54th Massachussetts is the first Black Regiment to fight for the Union in the Civil War. Their first action was an assault on Fort Wagner protecting the entrance to Charleston Harbor.

54th Massachusetts | U.S. Colored Troops Resident in Baltimore in 1890
54th. Mass. Volunteer Infantry Co. I

Robert Smalls

Born a slave in South Carolina, Robert Smalls eventually became a pilot on the waters around Charleston, South Carolina. Employed laying mines for the confederate navy, Smalls delivered the vessel "Planter" to the Union navy along with his knowledge of the southern mine locations. Smalls went on to use his pilotage skills in support of the Union cause, and eventually to the US Congress.

Captain Robert Smalls

African-American Confederates

When louisiana seceded from the union a regiment of free blacks, called the Native Guard were formed for the defense of New Orleans against Union invasion. Many of these men had fought in the defense of New Orleans during the war of 1812. Once Farragut captured the city, however, these men did not remain with the confederate army, and eventually formed the Corps d'Afrique under General Daniel Ullman.

Late in 1863, General Cleburne and some of his officers drafted a proposal to president Jefferson Davis soliciting the enlistment of southern slaves in return for their freedom. This proposal highlighted a desire on the part of some southerners for independence even without slavery. The proposal was submitted on 1/2/64 and was rejected immediately. However, after additional letters from War secretary Benjamin and General Lee, the Negro Soldier Law was signed on 3/13/65.

Susie King Taylor

Children's Enclycopedia of Women

Women in History

UNC Chapel hill Libraries

Black nurses in history

Reminiscences of an Army Laundress

King-Tisdell Cottage Foundation

Women in the civil war

Women in military service for america memorial - Women in the military


African-American Officers of the Civil War

This page is a complete listing of African-American officers. There were 111 covering almost all the ranks of the Union Army. The page is created by: THE MISSOURI COMMANDERY OF MOLLUS, 302 W. Springfield Ave., Union, MO 63084.

U.S.C.T. and Officers of African-American Descent

Table of Contents

Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers was the name given to the Black Cavalry on the Western Frontier in the years following the Civil War. The name was given by the Native Americans and was a sign of respect.

Buffalo Soldiers | 9th Cavalry | 10th Cavalry
Buffalo Soldier recipients of the Medal of Honor
Life on the Western Frontier

The 9th and 10th cavalrys were stationed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. You can visit the museum there. In 1977, a Statue designed by Rose Murray was dedicated to the Buffalo soldiers at this Fort. In 1992, General Colin Powell dedicated a Statue designed by Eddie Dixon at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

7/7/97: I have recently received mail from a native american who took exception with the idea that "Buffalo" soldiers was a term meaning respect. He also asked if native Americans were due an apology by those who aided in the genocide of his people.

I feel we (Black Americans) must come to terms with the fact that our ancestors helped oppress Native Americans. I feel that we must offer our apologies to Native Americans before we can expect the same from anyone else.

Little Big Horn Monument

I have recently read about a controversy concerning a new monument at the little big horn battlefield. The controversy surrounds commemorating all the participants of the battle.

Luckily, there is no need to commemorate black soldiers with this monument. You see, General George Custer refused to serve with soldiers of color. Thus, soldiers of color were left out of the battle.

Read Black Valor, a book about the 23 Medal of Honor winners who were Buffalo Soldiers

Table of Contents

World War I

Eugene Bullard

Eugene Bullard got his wings in France, and flew for the French during the war. He was never accepted into any US fighter groups as were the members of the Lafayette Escadrille when the US eventually entered the war.

James Reese Europe

Lieutenant James Reese Europe was leader of the military band that was responsible for introducing France to the syncopated rythmns of black americans.

Songs Brought Back from the Battlefield

Tuskegee Airman

The Tuskegee Airman were the first black fighter pilots. The name comes from an experiment enjoined by the U.S. Army Airforce during WWII to see if blacks were capable of being pilots. The experiment took place at the Tuskegee Institute.

Daniel Chappie James

Daniel Chappie James Jr.s Grave

Tucson's African-American Heritage
Set of four autographed limited edition prints

Table of Contents

Dorie Miller

One of the earliest heroes of WWII, Dorie Miller was awarded the Navy Cross for his actions on the day of the Pearl Harbor Attack.

Dorie Miller

Table of Contents

Montford Point Marines

The Men of Montford Point - The First Black Marine

Table of Contents

Charity Adams

Lest We Forget Newsletter

Table of Contents

The 24th Infantry in Korea

This study analyzes the history of the 24th Infantry regiment in the Korean War to determine the quality of its performance during that conflict.

The Korean War Project

16th Tank Bn - 24th Infantry Division
21st Infantry Regiment - 24th Infantry Division
24th Infantry Regiment - 25th Infantry Division
24th Medical Bn - 24th Infantry Division
24th Recon Company - 24th Infantry Division
24th Signal Company - 24th Infantry Divison
3rd Combat Engineers Bn - 24th Infantry Division
19th Infantry Regiment - 24th Infantry Division
24th Infantry Division Information
52nd Field Artillery Btn. - 24th Infantry Division
63rd Field Artillery Bn. - 24th Infantry Division

Table of Contents


Following is a listing of books about and by Blacks in the US Armed Services. Many can be purchased through on-line book stores. Those whose URL's I have are listed. I have the ISBN numbers for most of the books, but some I only have only found hints of and do not include ISBN numbers.

Lasting Valor
By Vernon Baker
ISBN = 1885478305

The Unknown Soldiers : African-American Troops in World War I
By Arthur E. Barbeau
ISBN = 0306806940

From Valley Forge to freedom : A story of a Black patriot
By E. Merrill Beach
ISBN = 0871060566

As If It Were Glory : Robert Beechams Civil War from the Iron Brigade to the Black Regiments
By Robert K. Beechams
ISBN = 0945612559

Forgotten Warriors : New Jerseys African American Soldiers in the Civil War
By Joseph G. Bilby
ISBN = 0944413285

New Mexicos Buffalo Soldiers, 1866-1900
By Monroe Lee Billington
ISBN = 0870813463

On Board the Uss Mason : The World War II Diary of James A. Dunn
By Mansel G. Blackford
ISBN = 0814206980

Project Clear : Social Research and the Desegregation of the United States Army
By Leo Bogart
ISBN = 0887384242

Susie King Taylor Civil War Nurse
By Simeon Booker
ISBN = 0070064997

Harlem at War : The Black Experience in WWII
By Nat Brandt
ISBN = 081560324X

Inequality in the Military : The Black Experience
By John Butler
ISBN = 0865480028

The Exclusion of Black Soldiers from the Medal of Honor in World War II : The Study Commissioned by the United States Army to Investigate Racial Bias
By Elliot Vanveltner Converse
ISBN = 0786402776

Hell Fighters : African American Soldiers in World War I
By Michael Cooper
ISBN = 0525675345

First Black Marines : Vanguard of a Legacy
By Fred DeClouet
ISBN = 1555236189

Uncle Sam Must Be Losing the War : Black Marines of the Fifty First
By Bill Downey
ISBN = 0894070509

One Womans Army : A Black Officer Remembers the Wac (Texas A & M University Military A Black Officer Remembers the Wac
By Charity Adams Earley
ISBN = 089096694X

A Brave Black Regiment : The history of the 54th Massachussetts 1863 - 1865
By Captain Luis F. Emilio
ISBN = 0306806231

Henry Ossian Flipper : West Points First Black Graduate
By Jane Eppinga
ISBN = 1556225040

The Black Soldier and Officer in the United States Army, 1891-1917
By Marvin Fletcher
ISBN = 082620161X

The Tuskegee Airmen : The Men Who Changed a Nation
By Charles E. Francis
ISBN = 0828320292

Between Two Fires : Black Soldiers in the Civil War (The African-American Experience)
By Joyce Hansen
ISBN = 3D0531111512

Black, Blue & Gray : African Americans in the Civil War
By Jim Haskins
ISBN = 0689806558

Red Tails Black Wings : The Men of Americas Black Air Force
By John B. Holway
ISBN = 1881325210

Susie King Taylor : Destined to Be Free
By Denise Jordan
ISBN = 0940975505

Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia - A Nation Divided : New Studies in Civil War History
By Ervin L. Jordan
ISBN = 3D0813915457

The Black West : A Documentary and Pictorial History of the African American Role in the Westward Expansion of the Un
By William Loren Katz
ISBN = 0684814781

Proudly We Served : The Men of the Uss Mason
By Mary Pat Kelly
ISBN = 1557504539

The Wolf and the Buffalo : Number Five in the Texas Tradition Series
By Elmer Kelton
ISBN = 0875650597

Buffalo Soldiers : A Narrative of the Negro Cavalry in the West
By William H. Leckie
ISBN = 0806112441

An historical research respecting the opinions of the founders of the Republic on Negroes as slaves,
By George Livermore
ISBN = 0678005478

Assault at West Point : The Court Martial of Johnson Whittaker
By John F. Marszalek
ISBN = 0020345151

Taps for a Jim Crow Army : Letters from Black Soldiers in World War II
By Phillip McGuire
ISBN = 0813118514

Foxholes and Color Lines : Desegregating the U.S. Armed Forces
By Sherie Mershon
ISBN = 0801856906

Whats a Commie Ever Done to Black People? : A Korean War Memoir of Fighting in the U.S. Armys Last All Negro Unit
By Curtis James Morrow
ISBN = 0786403330

The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution
By William Cooper Nell
ISBN = 0405018320

Breakthrough on the Color Front
By Lee Nichols
ISBN = 0894107712

Blacks in the Army Air Forces During World War II : The Problems of Race Relations
By Alan M. Osur
ISBN = 0405121997

Black Fire : The Making of an American Revolutionary
By Nelson Peery
ISBN = 156584159X

The 761st Tank Battalion (African-American Soldiers)
By Kathryn Browne Pfeifer
ISBN = 3D0805030573

Liberators : Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II
By Lou Potter
ISBN = 0151512833

My American Journey : An Autobiography
By Colin Powell
ISBN = 0679432965

Black Company; The Story of Subchaser 1264.
By Eric Purdon
ISBN = 0883310155

When the Nation Was in Need : Blacks in the Womens Army Corps During World War II
By Martha S. Putney
ISBN = 0810825317

The Negro in the Civil War
By Benjamin Quarles
ISBN = 0-306-80350-X

The Court-Martial of Lieutenant Henry Flipper (Southwestern Studies, No. 100)
By Charles M. Robinson
ISBN = 0874041961

Black Valor : Buffalo Soldiers and the Medal of Honor, 1870-1898
By Frank N Schubert
ISBN = 0842025863

Buffalo Soldiers, Braves, and the Brass : The Story of Fort Robinson, Nebraska
By Frank N Schubert
ISBN = 0942597443

On the Trail of the Buffalo Soldier : Biographies of African Americans in the U.S. Army, 1866-1917
By Frank N Schubert
ISBN = 0842024824

The Unwept : Black American Soldiers and the Spanish-American War
By Edward Van Zile Scott
ISBN = 1881320626

Double V : The Civil Rights Struggle of the Tuskegee Airmen
By Lawerence P. Scott
ISBN = 0870133470

Negro Militia and Reconstruction
By Otis A. Singletary
ISBN = 0313245738

A Voice of Thunder : The Civil War Letters of George E. Stephens (Blacks in the New World)
By George E. Stephens
ISBN = 0252022459

The Golden Thirteen : Recollections of the First Black Naval Officers
By Paul Stillwell
ISBN = 1557507791

A Black Womans Civil War Memoirs : Reminiscences of My Life in Camp With the 33rd U.S. Colored Troops, Late 1st South Carolina Voluntee
By Susie King Taylor
ISBN = 3D0910129851

Like Men of War : Black Troops in the Civil War, 1862-1865
By Noah Andre Trudeau
ISBN = 0316853259

Buffalo Soldiers
By Unknown
ISBN = 0806107340

Hit Hard (Bantam War Book)
By David James Williams
ISBN = 055323126X

The African American in the Union Navy : 1861-1865 (Studies in African American History and Culture)
By David L. Valuska
ISBN = 0815310080

Fighting on Two Fronts : African Americans and the Vietnam War
By James E. Westheider
ISBN = 0814793010

Memphis Nam Sweden : The Story of a Black Deserter
By Terry Whitmore
ISBN = 0878059830

Buffalo Soldiers
By Tom Willard
ISBN = 0-812-55105-2

Captain Blackman : A Novel (Classic Reprint Series)
By John Alfred Williams
ISBN = 0938410687

Table of Contents

Books by Michael Lee Lanning

Michael Lee Lanning served as public affairs officer for General H. Norman Schwarzkopf. He has spent more than 20 years on active duty in the United States Military.

Inside Force Recon : Recon Marines in Vietnam (with Ray Stubbe)
ISBN = 0804103011

Inside the LRRPS : Rangers in Vietnam
ISBN = 0804101663

Inside the VC and NVA : The Real Story of North Vietnams Armed Force
ISBN = 0804105006

Senseless Secrets : The Failures of U.S. Military Intelligence from George Washington to the Present
ISBN = 155972322X

The African-American Soldier : From Crispus Attucks to Colin Powell
ISBN = 1559724048

The Battles of Peace
ISBN = 0804106096

The Military 100 : A ranking of the most influential Military Leaders of All Time
ISBN = 0806518286

Vietnam 1969-1970 : A Company Commanders Journal
ISBN = 0804101876

Vietnam at the Movies
ISBN = 0449908917

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African-Americans in the U.S. Coast Guard

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